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2/19/18 Availability

2/19/18 Availability
Theses pictures are taken weekly to give you an idea of the size and the current state of the product.

Pictures taken 1/18/18

11" Bowl Purple Viola & Violet Alyssum

11" Color Bowls

6" Helleborous Pretty Ellen Pink

6" Helleborous Double Ellen Purple

6" Helleborous Double Ellen Yellow

6" Tropical Peace Lily Bongo Bongo

6" Tropical Peace Lily Sweet Chico

4" Bulb Daffodil Dutch Master

4" Bulb Hyacinth

4" Bulb Daffodil Tete a Tete

4" Perennial Arabis

Pictures taken 1/8/18

6" Perennial Iberis

4" Succulent Turquoise Tails

4" Succulent Jet Beads

4" Succulent Kalanchoe Flap Jacks

4" Succulent Crassula Campfire

4" Succulent Sencio Blue Pencil

4" Succulent  Echeveria

4" Succulent Echeveria

3.5" Primroses

6" Helleborous Niger

6" Helleborous Double Ellen Spotted Pink


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