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5/30/17 Availability

Theses pictures are taken weekly to give you an idea of the size and the current state of the product.

Pictures taken 5/19/17

4" Proven Winner Bordeaux

4" Proven Winner Supertunia Daybreak

4" Proven Winner Supertunia Violet Starburst

4" Proven Winner Supertunia Pricilla

4" Non Stop Begonia

Bedding Alyssum

3.5" Lithadora


6" Perennial Dianthus Neon Star

Bedding Pack Impatiens

Bedding Pack Impatiens

11" Red White and Blue Bowl

Pack Bedding Begonia

Pack Bedding Verbena

12" Color Bowl

Pack Bedding Nicotiana

3.5" Wave Petunia Double Blue

3.5" Wave Petunia Double Pink

6" Impatient

4" Proven Winner Supertunia Raspberry Blast

Pictures taken 4/21/17

3.5" Annual Stock

6" Tomato getting back to size by the day.

6" Perennial Dianthus Fizzy

3.5" Groundcover Nepta (Catmint)

11" Color Bowl!

6" Zonal Geranium Velvet Red

6" Gerber Daisy

4" Non Stop Begonia

4" Non Stop Begonias

6" Fountain Grass Skyrocket (left) and Fireworks (right)

3.5" Cobbity Daisy Lemon

Pack Salvia Vista Lavender

Pack Salvia Scarlet BiColor

Pack Begonias (wax leaf)

Pack Coleus Velvet Red (left) Sunset (right)

Pictures taken 4/13/17

3.5" Premium Petunia Crazytunia Passion Punch

Pack African Marigolds

6" Zonal Geraniums

4" Begonias

3.5" Celosia

Pack Alyssum

Pack Violas

4" Osteospernum

6" Perennial Lithadora Grace Ward

6" Perennial Lithadora White Star

3.5" Groundcover Ajuga Dixie Chip

3.5" Groundcover Pink Lightning

3.5" Vinca Bowles Variety

6" Saxifragra

6" Geum Alabama Slammer

12" Pansy Baskets

3.5" Bellis Daisy

Pack Cosmos

Pack Portulaca

3.5" Calibrachoa Neon

Assorted Bedding Packs

Pack French Marigolds

12" Fuchsia Basket

Pictures taken 4/7/17

6" Zonal Geraniums

3.5" Basket Stuffer Coleus (Left to right on availability in order, center Perilla magilla)

6" Perennial Dianthus Kahori

11" Color Bowls

Pack Gypsophilia

Flower Pouches

3.5" Bellis Daisies

4" Osteospermum White

3.5" Premium Petunia Night Sky

6" Perennial Saxifragra Neon Rose
Pictures taken 3/17/17

6" Cineraria Magenta w/eye

12" Pansy Basket

6" Perennial Aquilegia Oragami Mix

6" Perennial Saxifragria Neon Rose
6" Perennial Heachura Sweat Tea

3.5" Perennial Myostis

Pictures taken 1/27/17

3.5" Primroses 1/2 doubles 1/2 singles

3.5" Double Primroses (Primlets)

3.5" Primroses (single flower)

3.5" Bellis Daisy (English daisy)

3.5" Perennial Aubrietia

6" Perennial Scabiosa Blue

6" Perennial Iberis




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