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2/8/16 Availability

2/8/16 Availability

Theses pictures are taken weekly to give you an idea of the size and the current state of the product.
Pictures taken 2/5/16

3.5" Bellis Daisy

6" Hellebores

6" Cineraria

6" Perennial Iberis

6P Perennial Scabiosa

3.5" Callendula

3.5" Pansy
Pictures taken 1/7/16

Pictures taken 12/23/15

3.5" Primroses

3.5" Callendula

4" Cyclamen

6" Helleborus Ivory Prince

6" Perennial Iberis Alexander's White

Aubrieta Ascent Blue with Eye

Scabiosa Pink Mist

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue

6" Perennial Grass Left - Calamagrostis Avalanche, Right - Deschampsia Northern Lights

Pictures below are from 2015 feel free to take a look.

Pictures taken 9/21/15


Pictures taken 9/4/15

Pictures taken 8/31/15

Pictures taken 8/24/15

Pictures taken 8/11/15

6" Asters

6" Mum

6" Mum

6" Cabbage

6" Kale




Pictures taken 7/27/15


Echinacea Butterfly Kisses Double!

Pictures taken 7/2/15

10" Combo Basket

6" Echinacea Julia

6" Lecanthum Whoops a Daisy

6" Echinacea Cleopatra (yellow)

Pack Carnations!

6" Dahlias

10" Calibrachoa

Pictures taken 6/25/15

606 Jumbo Marigold

6" Perennial Penstemon

Pictures taken 6/19/15

3.5" Gazania Daisy

3.5" Celosia

6" Dahlias New Batch just opening

3.5" Marigold

6" Sunflowers

6" Echinacea

6" Astilbe

10" Combo Basket

10" Petunia Basket

10" Combo Basket

Pictures taken 6/12/15

6" Perennial Digitalis

15" Tomato Planter

6" Perennial Delphiniums

6" perennial Digiplexis

6" Perennial Echinacia (cone flower)

3.5" Annual Magellion Zinnia!

Pictures taken 6/9/15



Pictures taken 6/4/15

Stepable Veronica White Water Speedwell

6" Perennial Verbascum

6" Perennial Astilbe

6" Perennial Grass Festcue

6" Perennial Echinacia


6" Perennial Delphinium Blue Butterfly

3 Gal Dahlias! Just opening

6" Perennial Delphinium Asolat

6" Perennial Digitalis

Bedding Pack Double Petunia Rose & White

Bedding Pack Dianthus Strawberry Parfait

Bedding Pack Dianthus Wee Willie

Bedding Pack Snapdragon Floral Showers Rose Pink

Bedding Pack New for 2015 Snapdragon Snapshot Sunset

Bedding Pack New for 2015 Single Petunia Espresso Rose Frappe

4" Gerber Daises on sale this week!

3.5" Basil - Sweet

3.5" Celosia

4" Begonia

10" Combo Basket

12" Red White and Blue Bowl

Magellon Mix Zinnia 4" & 6"

Bedding Pack Portulaca

6" Perennial Veronica First Love.


Pictures taken 5/11/15

6" Dahlia! Lots of colors.

4" Gerber Daisy should have lots of flowers for the weekend.

3.5" Premium Petunia Flash Mob Blurific

3.5" Basket Stuffer Cuphea

6" Premium Cordyline Kiwi Left, Cha Cha Right

3.5" Millet (gets a tassel)

6" Madenvilla (diplendenia) advertised in magazines as Sun Parasol(the brand)


Pack Single Petunias

New Pack Single Petunia Espresso Frappe Rose

Watermelon and Cantaloupe are ready.

Pack Dianthus Panda Mix

Pack Dianthus Wee Willie

6" Perennial Cosmos Chocolate

6" Buddelia (butterfly bush)

12" Red White and Blue bowls

Pack Salvia Vista White and Lavender

10" Scaevola Basket, not many other growers have them! One very tough plant.

10" Petunia Baskets next batch, will start shipping Friday

4" Proven Winner Brachycome Yellow

4" Proven Winner Trailing Verbena Royal Cherryburst

4" Proven Winner Trailing Verbena Royale Silverdust

Pictures taken 4/24/15

10" Fuchsia Basket

3.5" Cobbity Daisy

6" Perennial Lamium

3.5" Herb Sage

3.5" Prem Petunia Cha Ching Cherry


3.5" Annual Celosia

10" Ivy Geranium Basket

12" Color Bowl

3.5" Herb Oregano

Pictures taken 4/17/15



Left Heachura Southern Comfort, Right Heachura Delta Dawn

Heachura Gold Zebra

Lithadora White Star

Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash

Polemonium Apricot Delight

Lithadora Grace Ward


6" Tomatoes

10" Fuchsia Basket

10" Calibrachoa Basket

French Marigold

12" Color Bowl

Pack Begonia

8" Square Planter

12" Round Planter

Magilla - 3.5" Basket stuffer

3.5" Gazania Daisy (3.5" Annual)

4" Proven Winners Supertunias

10" Combo Basket


Pictures taken 4/10/15

Wave Petunia


Lavendula Anouk (left), & Phenomenal Nike (right)


Heuchera Crimson Curls

Papavera Garden Knome

Salvia Hot Lips



Buddleia (butterfly bush)

Festcue Grass

Deschampsia Northern Lights

Phlox Early Spring White



10" Begonia Basket

Proven Winner Supertunia Silverberry

Trailing Verbena

Pack (upright) Verbena

Salvia Vista Lavender

Salvia Red Hot Salley

12" Color Bowl

Zinnia Pack



African Marigold

10" Calibrachoa Basket

6" Hosta

3.5" Stock

Pictures taken 4/6/15

Pictures taken 4/3/15



Ivy Geranium

Flower Pouch


Savlia Red Hot Salley

Lavendula Otto Quast

Perennial Grass Northern Lights



6" Calla Lily

3.5" Marigold

6" Fountain Grass


Creeping Jenny

3.5" Basket Stuffer Lobelia

Pictures taken 3/27/15

12" Planter

6" Pepper

Pack Salvia

Pack Impatien

4" Begonia

Potato Vine

Kong Coleus

3.5" Calibrachoa

Pack Lobelia

3.5" Wave Petunia

Squash -Zucchini

Pack Alyssum


6" Tomato

Perennial - Dianthus Neon Star

Perennial - Astilbe

Perennial Papavera Garden Knome

Perennial Campanula

Perennial - Myostis

16" Hanging Basket

12" Hulaberry Strawberry Basket (pineapple flavor)

Pack Portulaca

Pictures taken 3/20/15

Pictures taken 3/20/15

Pictures taken 3/13/15

Pictures taken 3/5/15

Pictures taken 2/19/15

Pictures taken 2/6/15

Pictures taken 1/30/15

Pictures taken 1/22/15




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