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06/20/16 Availability

06/20/16 Availability

Theses pictures are taken weekly to give you an idea of the size and the current state of the product.

Pictures taken 6/10/16

12" Round Planter

6" Perennial Echinbeckia

6" Perennial Digitalis

10" Trailing Petunia Basket

10" Combination Basket

Jumbo Packs looking great!!

Jumbo pack marigold

Pictures taken 5/20/16

6 Pack Wave Petunias

3.5" Wave Petunias

Pack Double Petunias

Pack Double Petunias

6" Perennial Tradescantia Zwanenburg Blue

6" Perennial Echinbeckia Brown!!!

6" Perennial Echinbeckia

Pictures taken 5/16/16

6" Sunflower

11" Red White and Blue Bowl

10" Calibrachoa Basket

10" Combo Basket

Pack Petunias short and blooming!!!

Pictures taken 4/8/16

Pack Alyssum

6" Perennial Doronicum (left) Silene (Right)

3.5" Annual Mimulus

6" Tomato

3.5" Super Cal Petunia!

Pictures taken 4/4/16

6" Perennial Lithadora Grace Ward

6" Perennial Lavendula Munstead

6" Perennial Erysimum

6 Pack Wave Petunias

6" Zonal Geraniums

3.5" Calibrachoa

4" Ivy Geraniums

3.5" Trailing Verbena

6" Fountain Grass

Pictures taken 3/18/16

Pack Alyssum Snow Crystal

3.5" Tomato Early Goliath

Pack Tomato Champion

6" Perennial Myosotis Indigo Blue (Froget-me-not)

From left to right ^" Perennial Grass Fescue Elijah Blue, 6" Perennial
Dicentra Spectabailis Bleeding Hearts, 6" Perennial Grass Helictotrichon Sempervirens (Blue Oat)

6" perennials look for the C or CB, create a colorful rack!

Pack Snapdragons

Pictures taken 3/10/16

2 Gal Peonies

6" Perennial Saxifragra Rocco Red (left) Papavera Champ Bubbles (right)

3.5" Ground Cover Vinca Minor Bowels

6" Perennial Lavender Otto Quast

Pack Peppers

Pack Begonias

Pack Verbena (upright)

Pack Marigold French

Pack Petunias

3.5" Stepables

3.5" Stepables

6" Perennial Dianthus Firewitch

6" Perennial Lithadora Grace Ward (left) White Star (right)
They have been pinched several times this year and are nice and full.

Pictures taken 3/4/16

Pictures taken 2/26/16

6" Perennial Arabis

3.5" Pansies

10" Pansy Basket

3.5" Thai Basil

3.5" Sweet Basil

2 Gallon Calla Lilly

Pack Dusty Miller

6" Perennial Dicentra Spectibalis (bleeding heart)

Pictures taken 2/5/16

3.5" Bellis Daisy

6" Hellebores

6" Cineraria

6" Perennial Iberis

6P Perennial Scabiosa

3.5" Callendula

3.5" Pansy
Pictures taken 1/7/16

Pictures taken 12/23/15

3.5" Primroses




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